Fantasia Film Festival 2020: The Block Island Sound

A quiet beach town becomes the site of unexplained animal deaths in the thousands, and one family learns they are at the heart of the mystery in The Block Island Sound. Harry (Chris Sheffield) and his father (Neville Archambault) live together on Block Island. When Harry’s father starts to zone out, leading to jaunts on... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: Kriya

A night out at the club where the triumph of a sick DJ set and meeting a beautiful woman ends in a nightmare in Sidharth Srinivasan’s Kriya. Neel (Noble Luke) is a DJ who meets Sitara (Navjot Randhawa) after he plays at a nightclub. They are hot and heavy with each other, and Sitara decides... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: Unearth

Farming has always been a life-long commitment, and when the economy changes, this can make a farmer's livelihood more challenging to maintain. In Unearth, we see how the struggle can unleash desperation and the wrath of nature. The Dolans and the Lomacks are friends and neighbors in a rural community. Kathryn (Adrienne Barbeau) is determined... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: Detention

The Taiwanese Government was under martial law in 1962, so anything considered left-wing or remotely communist was barred and could be punishable by death. In John Hsu’s film Detention, we see how a secret book club puts the lives of both student and faculty in jeopardy. Wei (Jing-Hua Tseng) is a student at Greenwood High... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: The Columnist

Internet trolls are so common that we expect their bad behavior, especially behind a keyboard's safety. In Ivo Van Aart’s timely thriller, The Columnist, we see how online bullying takes a toll on freedom of speech. Femke (Katja Herbers) is a columnist and author who is regularly dragged on the internet for her opinion. Her... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: Lucky

A woman’s fight to gain independence is a constant one. In Natasha Kermani’s Lucky, we see a motivational writer struggle to take her own advice within an endless loop fighting an unknown assailant. May (Brea Grant) is a successful self-help author, but her latest book isn’t doing so well. She’s also trying to reconnect with... Continue Reading →

Fantasia Film Festival 2020: Lapsis

Having multiple jobs is common in today’s economy, with side hustle after side hustle surfacing in the precarious workforce landscape. In Noah Hutton’s too close for comfort Lapsis, we get a glimpse of what could be with big conglomerates, competition in the job market, and automation. Ray (Dean Imperial) is a courier who looks after... Continue Reading →

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