Climate of the Hunter

It’s the late 70’s and sisters Alma (Ginger Gilmartin) and Elizabeth (Mary Buss) get together at the family cabin in the woods. Alma has decided to stay there after dealing with some mental health issues, and Elizabeth has come for a visit. Their childhood friend, Wesley (Ben Hall), has also come to stay at his... Continue Reading →

Promising Young Woman

Protecting men and boys from their own actions is an institutionalized practice. We are prone to saying, "Boys will be boys," allowing men to act out their aggressions against those they deem weaker and chalk it up to their nature. In Promising Young Woman, director Emerald Fennell takes one woman’s encounter with the aftermath of... Continue Reading →

End of the World Fun with Save Yourselves!

In act of bettering ourselves and being less self-absorbed, we become self-aware and more self-absorbed, and it’s facilitated through technology. If you’re not following me, you might get it when you watch the alien invasion comedy Save Yourselves! Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) are a millennial couple. They live in Green Point, Brooklyn... Continue Reading →

Monster Hunter

For anyone that’s listening, I’m a fan of Paul W.S. Anderson. He put a Black woman up against a xenomorph, created a portal to hell in space, blew up the gaming world with the Resident Evil franchise, and now he’s got mama’s favourite thing – monsters – up on the big screen with the film... Continue Reading →

Minor Premise

Ego and personal demons come into play with Eric Schultz’s sci-fi noir thriller Minor Premise. Ethan Kochar (Sathya Sridharan) is the son of a neuroscientist who recently passed away. He continues his father’s research dedicated to preserving and replaying memories with an apparatus called the R9.  The experimental project is almost perfected, but Ethan’s goal... Continue Reading →

Le Choc du Futur

Marc Collin has been a musician for 30 years but has always had a passion for filmmaking. He finally took the plunge with his first film, Le Choc du Futur (The Shock of the Future), a love letter to women in the electronic music world. Ana (Alma Jodorowsky) is a musician living in Paris in... Continue Reading →

The Giant

Life changes and loss of innocence are difficult when you’re growing up, especially when your world relies on a small, close-knit group. In David Raboy’s The Giant, tragedy makes life a surreal dream for one girl as her world changes. Charlotte (Odessa Young) is graduating from high school. She lives in a small town with... Continue Reading →

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